Hyundai's Palisade N concept is petitioned online.

This article discusses the Hyundai Palisade N online petition. Over a week ago, Hyundai teased the Palisade N,

 a performance version of their large SUV. Hyundai revealed the Crossover Prophecy EV concept on April Fools' Day.

Instagram published The Palisade N to celebrate the fun April 1st surprise.

Nexo Hydrogen fuel cell technology powers the Palisade N's aggressive styling, larger wheels, and performance-tuned suspension.

On April 1, numerous individuals signed a petition urging Hyundai to produce the Palisade N!

The April 2020 Palisade N concept was a three-row SUV with a large grille, low-set headlamps,

and an integrated radio. Hyundai (Nperformance )'s section suggested a performance version of its massive SUV.