How much per mile does a Tesla semi-truck cost?

The business forecasts that the operating costs for Tesla Semi trucks will be $1.26 per mile,

compared to $1.51 per mile for diesel trucks with a longer range. At $150 per mile,

the Tesla Semi is already more cost-effective than the diesel vehicles that dominate the transportation industry today.

The company claims that the fully electric truck may save more than $200,000 in fuel costs, with a payback period of two years.

 Tesla predicts that driving its Semi-Truck for more than a million miles would result in savings of $200,000,

which is impressive, but what's really interesting is that fuel savings alone would result in savings of over 60% on the first day.

Tesla initially anticipated a basic price of $150,000 (300-mile version)/$180,000 (500-mile version) for its electric semi-truck,