Can Tesla be turned off when inside?

Place your Tesla in the parking lot, exit the vehicle, and lock the doors behind you to deactivate the internal screens and HVAC system.

If you need to shut off Tesla while inside, press and hold the brake pedal to activate Park mode.

t is not advised to turn the vehicle since doing so may lock the ignition so that it cannot be restarted without the keys.

If you leave a Tesla Model 3 in a parking lot overnight, with all consumers switched off, and return a few hours later (without the keys),

you may hear it making a noise. If no one is in the vehicle, the touchscreen and HVAC systems turn off instantly,

while other electrical systems shut down after 15 minutes of inactivity. If you question anyone who has owned a Tesla for an extended period of time,

you may find that they have become so acclimated to being able to leave the vehicle running that they leave their gas-powered automobiles running when they leave.