Can an expert locksmith unlock a Tesla?

Lock and Key Expert's professionals swiftly determine the cause of any Model S malfunction, regardless of the nature of the issue.

If Walk Away Door Lock is enabled, Model S locks itself as you walk away while carrying your key card (see Walk Away Door Lock).

There are numerous ways to forget to lock the car, so Tesla's decision to automatically lock the doors upon closing, even if the keys are within reach,

seems somewhat dishonest. Some Tesla owners say the doors do not lock if the key card is left inside the vehicle when the automatic locking feature is activated and the key card is left inside the vehicle.

Unless you have your replacement key nearby or in your possession, getting out of your locked automobile will likely necessitate calling a locksmith to reopen the doors.

Fortunately, you can unlock a car's trunk without a key by utilising a trunk release button or lever within the vehicle's cabin,

as long as the cabin is also unlocked. Assuming a stolen or lost phone, or an emergency case in which your phone's battery is failing.