2023 Kia Telluride: Pricing, Specifics, and Data

This article describes the changes for the upcoming Kia Telluride, including a new design, expanded capabilities, and innovative technologies.

The revamped Telluride is projected to be priced slightly higher. For the 2023 model year, the midsize SUV Kia Telluride receives a new exterior design,

upgraded electronics, and several new trim levels. A more aggressive front end and larger rear ends have been added to the exterior design of the Telluride to increase its capabilities.

 The interior design incorporates advanced driver-assistance technologies and smartphone-related amenities, such as wireless charging, Apple CarPlay and Android Auto integration,

 and a portable Wi-Fi hotspot. The Kia Pro safety package, which includes lane departure warning and blind spot monitoring, is available on all trim levels.

In addition to new innovations, the upcoming Kia Telluride will include a power-operated trunklid, wireless charging, and an improved infotainment system.

A new top-tier trim, the SX Prestige, will also be available. This version will offer even more luxuries than the SX, including LED lighting and larger wheels.